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Home Visits

If you have poor mobility, or are housebound we will happily visit you at home to carry out routine chiropody and podiatry assessments and treatments in the comfort of your home. 

Biomechanics Assessments

In order to understand the causes of your musculoskeletal pain we may suggest a biomechanics assessment where we analyse your muscle, ligament, tendon and joint function and how the affect your gait and cause your discomfort.

Routine Care

If you need ongoing support for your footcare we can provide that service both privately and for patients who hold HSE Chiropody Cards. 

Nail Bracing

This is a fantastic treatment for nails that are either ingrowing or too highly curved into the corners.

Within a couple of applications the nail is typically back to its normal healthy shape again.


This is an extremely effective treatment used for the treatment of excess sweating of the feet (hyperhidrosis). It is a pain free, non-surgical solution with a success rate of up to 85% with the results felt within just a few visits.

Condition Specific Assessments

We carry out specialised assessments for:

  • Diabetic and Rheumatoid feet

  • Dermatological issues of the skin and nails (dermoscopy)

  • Circulation (ultrasound)

  • Neurological conditions of the lower limb

Medical Pedicure

We will assess and treat your nails and skin, remove any thickened skin / corns and advise you on any conditions we have diagnosed to leave your feet not only at their best, but on a path to better long-term health and comfort.


We have a huge range of off-the-shelf orthotics that provide support, cushioning, and even insulation for cold feet.

If you need something fully bespoke we can provide these too - designing them to suit your life and footwear.

Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Both Traditional Chinese Acupuncture techniques and dry needling are proven ways to increase blood flow and reduce pain in the feet and lower limbs and are carried out by by a number of our podiatrists.