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Improving your experience, and continuing to maintain the

highest possible hygiene standards

From the day the clinic opened its doors, a long time prior to any of us hearing about Covid 19, we set the highest possible standards of hygiene and infection control possible.   From the moment you enter the clinic, to the moment you leave we continue to keep your safety as our utmost priority.


  • You will find a hand sanitiser at the entrance to the clinic to use as you enter and leave

  • Glass dividers have been placed between each of the chairs in the waiting room

  • All contact surfaces are decontaminated between each appointment - from the clinical chairs, trolleys and couches, to the card machines, door handles etc etc​​​​

  • Our waiting room, and office are ventilated, and both clinical rooms are fitted with an air filtration system to ensure your safety and comfort

  • Our surgical instruments are rigorously decontaminated and sterilised in accordance the the HSE guidelines for dentistry and podiatry practices.  The instruments are initially cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner with an enzymatic disinfectant, followed by being packaged and placed into our vacuum autoclave. This heats the instruments to 134 degrees celsius. The pouches are then dated to ensure that they are always surgery standard sterile.

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