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Since March 2020 we have changed many aspects of how the practice is run, whilst keeping the process as simple, and stress free as possible for our patients.

To ensure your safety and comfort we have

made the following changes:

  • Appointment times have been staggered to minimise your contact with other patients or members of staff

  • We wipe down all surfaces that may have been touched between each appointment - from the clinical chairs and couches, to the card machines and everything in-between ​​

  • We have implemented online and phone payment options for those who wish to avail of this, with the option to pay at reception too. (We ask new patients to pay for their visit in advance)

  • We have a hand sanitiser at the entrance of the clinic for your use

  • We have installed glass dividers between each of the chairs in the waiting room

  • Our clinic is ventilated throughout the day, and we have installed an air filtration system to ensure your safety and comfort

We also ask that should any of the following apply, that you please cancel your appointment giving us as much advance notice as possible:

If you test positive for Covid-19 or have any respiratory symptoms, changes in your

sense of taste or smell, or a temperature (of 38 degrees celsius or higher) within

the previous 7 days. 

Should you have any concerns or queries please contact us

(01) 2760271

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