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What is Swift Microwave Therapy?

Swift verruca treatment is a revolutionary new technology which is licensed for the treatment of verrucas and warts in podiatry. This new treatment is particularly effective when used on stubborn warts and verrucae.


Microwaves have been used clinically for over 30 years, and work by delivering energy in the form of heat into the tissues to be treated (with the water molecules within the verruca colliding and generating heat).


The Swift Microwave Emblation system focuses the energy into the lesion via a silicone probe, with the energy travelling into the tissue beneath to a maximum depth of 5mm. The energy delivered, and resulting reaction causes the formation of a heat shock protein which the bodies immune system doesn't recognise and therefore attacks the infected tissue in question.


Swift has a declared effectiveness of 76% after 3 sessions, and 94%

after the 4th which is a higher success rate then ANY other

treatment on the market worldwide today.

Watch a video on how Swift can work for you here:

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