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Safe Nail Care

The key with safe nail care is not cutting your nails too short. That's it in a nutshell.  In clinic we treat each patient's nails depending on their history, medication, nail shape / thickness and predisposition towards ingrowing toenails.  At home however two general rules can be applied safely across the board. 

(Once you've washed your hands.....)

1. Cut - or indeed file - the nail to follow the general shape of the end of the toe.

This means that there will be a slight curve across the end of the nail. We don't

want the nail to be cut dead-straight because this will lead to each nail having

two sharp corners that could cause issues of their own.

2. Leave a line of white nail.

If you cut all the white / lighter coloured nail at the growing edge away you risk cutting yourself.










DO NOT cut deeply into the corners of the nail (as this can lead to the flesh of the nail groove moving upwards and leading to an ingrowing toenail at a later date, and can also result in a spike of nail being left behind, which, again can lead to an ingrowing toenail as it grows forward).

DO NOT cut a 'V' into the centre of the nail. This can cause you to cut the skin over the central nailbed, and risks introducing an infection underneath the nail.

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