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There are dozens of causes of heel pain, and we can't deal with all of them here, but we'll deal with one of the most common of them that we see in clinic: Plantar Fasciitis - otherwise know as Plantar Fasciopathy.

The plantar fascia is a ligament that helps to support the arch, provides shock absorbtion and ultimately springs the foot forward in gait. It is a hugely important ligament, and can subsequently cause havoc when it is injured.

Approximately 90% of the cases of plantar fasciitis we see in clinic are caused, or exacerbated by tightness of the calf muscles. This is by no means the only cause of injury, but its as good a place as  any to start.

Steven has made two videos below that talk you through:

1. How to tape a painful heel and arch to reduce discomfort.

2. How to stetch and strength the foot to return it to good function.

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