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Stucco Keratosis

Stucco Keratosis.jpg

A stucco keratosis was first described by Kocsard and Ofner in 1965.


They are described as "benign keratotic papules"   - which essentially means a small raised, non-invasive (or non-cancerous) skin lesion t

These are found on the lower limbs.


  • The exact cause is unknown. Most patients report a history of prolonged or severe solar exposure but the relationship of this to the development of the lesions is uncertain. Surface friction may contribute to the development of the lesions.


  • More common in men than women

  • Usually found in patients aged over 40 years

  • Asymptomatic



Clinical findings

  • Lesions are numerous

  • Mainly on the lower legs, and tops of the feet. Can also develop on the forearms and backs of the hands

  • Appearance

    • Size - 1 to 10 mm in diameter

    • Colour - white / grey

    • 'Stuck-on’ appearance

    • Dry / rough surface

    • Easily removed and do not bleed when come away



Step 1: Reassurance

  • Lesions are benign and so no specific treatment is needed

Step 2: General measures

  • Advice on UV protection

  • Urea containing emollients. We have a selection of these cream in clinic that you can purchase.

Step 3: physical treatments

  • Are best avoided if possible

  • Cryotherapy (freezing the areas) has been used, but on the lower legs it can cause ulceration so isn't advised.

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